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Whether buying or selling a residential property, having your home inspected by a trained and licensed professional will give you peace of mind and assist in a fair and smooth transaction. Rely on Burnett Home Inspections, LLC to provide you with home inspection services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia.

How an Inspection Protects You and Your Property

A residential home inspection is a visual examination of a house from roof to basement. It reveals all types of potential issues, including mold and poor wiring. You may get ahead of any outstanding issues for homeowners who aim to put their property up for sale before putting your house on the market. For buyers, it is a critical phase in the home-buying process that notifies you of any problems to be addressed before signing a contract.

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What We Do

Residential inspectors examine the property’s external and interior areas, including electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, and foundations. Our experienced home inspector conducts a comprehensive visual evaluation of the home. We will email a detailed, understandable report with pictures within 24-36 hours of the inspection, which can help you make important decisions now and in the future.

Our Checklist

Don’t settle for less; get a licensed home inspector to do the job. With us, you can be confident that we will help you make important decisions now and down the road. Through our home inspection checklist, our team can give you answers to these critical questions before entering into the final transaction:

  1. Is the property safe to live in?
  2. Is everything operational at the time of the inspection?
  3. Is the house structurally sound and mechanically functional?
  4. Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?
  5. Are components installed professionally?
  6. Should small things be fixed now to prevent large expenses later?
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