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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a Home Inspection?
A Home Inspection is a thorough in depth visual examination of the accessible areas of the home including all of its exterior and interior operating components performed by a trained professional.

Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?
Inspections are important for a few reasons: 1) The seller will fix or compensate the buyer for the deficiencies found by the inspector. 2) Peace Of Mind! This is the single most important investment a person will make and it should be accompanied with a feeling of confidence that the right choice is being made. This is one of the most important steps to buying a home in the Wahington DC Metro Area. There is nothing worse than moving into a home just purchased, and discovering issues you were not aware of. A professionally trained inspector can find problems that exist currently and also point out potential problems that may exist but are not seen at the time of the inspection. 3) A home inspection can also identify major repair items that may be coming like roof shingles or a furnace nearing the end of their lives and potential safety hazards. Let us give you a home maintenance schedule.

How Long Will the Inspection Take?
It depends on the size and age of the home. Single family homes of average size will take approximately 3 hours. Townhomes will take 2 to 3 hours and condos will take 1 to 2 hours. The older and larger the home the longer the inspection will take.

What Should I Bring to the Inspection?
Dress for the weather (wear a coat, hat and gloves in the winter, umbrella if it is raining). If you would like to take your own pictures and/or notes that is welcomed but everything that I show and tell you will be repeated accompanied with pictures in my report. Try to avoid bringing children or pets as they may become bored during the lengthy inspection process which may disturb your concentration.

When Will I Get the Inspection Report?
A full report with pictures will be delivered by e-mail within 24 to 36 hours of the inspection. In addition to the report a 65 page maintenance manual will also be given to the client on-site.

Why Choose Burnett Home Inspections?
I take great pride in giving very thorough and educational inspections accompanied with equally comprehensive reports that leave my clients very pleased. It is my goal to not only identify deficiencies in the home and show the client where components are and how they operate but educate the client on areas that will require maintenance to prevent deficiencies from developing in the future. Every home requires care and maintenance and if ignored the home will deteriorate.


Northern VA Counties serviced:

Fairfax (including Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax cities), Loudoun, Prince William, Fauquier and Stafford

Maryland Counties serviced:

Montgomery, Prince George's, Charles, Howard and Frederick